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What I've done for people.

Facilitating risk identification

Managing projects is hard. Dealing with project risks is even harder. Abstract in nature, it's challenging to handle them in advance as well as after they became a reality. But by the Project Management Institute's definition risks don't have to be negative: Unexpected opportunities may be uncovered if uncertainties are dealt with professionally. An important task in project risk management is thus to perform an early and efficient project risk identification.

Oftentimes it is challenging to properly adress risks due to hierarchies, silo thinking and group dynamics within each team.

Together with US based researchers I created a system to identify project risks. At the end of a facilitated workshop, which takes only 2 hours, you will have:

  1. Identified the majority of your project risks
  2. Clustered the risks into manageable groups
  3. Prioritized them based on their importance
  4. Created an instant action plan to manage your risks right away

Wifi for guests

A Hotspot provides controlled internet access to guests and visitors of hotels, cafes, grocery stores, shopping malls and other venues with the desire to meet their customer's demands for Wifi.

Over several years, I continuously grew an entire system to where it is today – running at 4.1k venues world wide, serving 4.8 million unique users per year.

This growth required close and intense collaboration with key users and customers. Fostering a deep understand of the different user types was a necessity for success. After all, if you run a mall, you can certainly envision more value chains then if you'd run a small cafe. Never underestimate the creativity of small cafés, though.

Data Warehouse

The customer has been using a statistical portal for many years. It would generate reports regarding his 83 shopping malls. The catch: He had to wait more than 30 minutes after each click to finally see a result. Seriously annoyed, he wanted the results in a bearable time frame.

To produce relief, I created a custom data warehousing system, which tightly integrates with the source systems as well as the reporting platform. It periodically processes all incoming data and stores it in a reporting-friendly way. Its existence is transparent to the customer, as it unobtrusively embeds into his familiar reporting environment.

Since deploying the data warehouse, the customer gets his reports in 8 seconds.

Automated configuration and monitoring

The company had a lenghty process to configure their electronic products. Among other tasks, a staff member had to utilize a one-off tool to apply the settings to a single device. Changing a single setting meant redoing the entire process.

Now all products are managed in one central user friendly web interface. Initial configurations can be applied using custom templates, greatly reducing redundant activities. Changing settings later on really just requires adjusting the setting in question. In addition, changes can be applied to an arbitrary set of targets all at once.

Further measures to help the staff in their daily work were included: All managed devices can easily be added to monitoring systems, such as nagios. If a malfunction is detected, the tool also allows the staff to directly open a connection to the trouble maker using a single and easy login.


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